Dial-A-Samadhan: Samasya Ka Solution Is Just A Call Away!

You may have come across those helpline attendants that are so flat in their approach to assist you with your query. Enter Samadhan Dagdu Nagargoje! The new-age helpline attendant who is keen as ever to assist you with your problems no matter what they are. But wait! Here’s the twist! Although he stays puzzled as to what should be his line of approach to offer you with a solution, but his idiosyncrasy will only make you roll on the floor with laughter.

So if you are calling to know how to woo a girl, or how to set your son right in his shoes just so he will take his academics seriously or how to escape from a ferocious lion, make sure you are ready for all the bamboozlement that comes along with the solutions that Samadhan will offer. He teaches us that no matter what the problem is, our happy self should be intact. Logic is the last thing that you could expect from him. Nevertheless, his keenness to take you out of your problem, his concern over the issues you must be surrounded with and his sense of empathy in spite of being outright foolish is something worth endearing.

On the other hand, Samadhan is very particular about the details of the caller. So if you are calling up to have a quick solution, time is the something that you should really have. He won’t settle unless he is very sure that he has registered all your details.

Moreover, get your patience together when he beats about the bush regarding your problem. So even if you have called him to get that time-bomb off your stomach, expect him to ask that how did you end up having it there. And then will follow all the gyan that will make you want to thrash him but since he is your last resort you end up swearing and abusing.

So no matter what your problem is, Samadhan will ensure that he offers you a good laugh if not the solution itself.

Dial-A-Samadhan: Samasya Ka Solution Is Just A Call Away!