Did you know?

Rowling wrote her first book about a rabbit named ‘Rabbit’ at the age of 6.

Did you know?

Though Rowling had passed the entrance exam for the Oxford University, the institute didn’t accept her.

Her pen was her magical wand, her thoughts the elixir that cast immortality into her penning, as if the tale is coming alive every time you read or is read out to you. Indeed, JK Rowling is no less than a wizard herself when it comes to authoring stories.

So even though, her skills may be as magical as the ones that Harry was blessed with, her life-story to start with, was not as ‘aaabra-ka-daabra’ magical. Her teenage years were tough ones, her family a difficult one to deal with, her mother battled in vain with the chronic ailment of multiple sclerosis for almost a decade. Clearly, all this spelled substantial trouble for her and her family if not a complete disaster.

But Joanne (as we now know her) was packed with the determination like that of Dumbledore. Which is why, even after her mother’s death which she describes as the most traumatizing experience in her life, she continued to write ‘Harry Potter’. It is her mother’s death that led her to make Harry Potter lament and suffer the tragic death of his parents in the book.

Later, she moved to Portugal to start afresh and taught English there. She started to date an English guy named Jorge Antes and got pregnant and moved into a small two-bedroom apartment with his mother. She wedded him in October 1992 and later gave birth to a daughter named Jessica in 1993. But her fate cast its sour spell on this relationship too and she was abandoned by Antes after which she came back to the UK in Edinburgh.

She stayed in a small apartment with her daughter, completely broke and jobless. She went into a state of depression and even considered suicide. Yet, she didn’t leave her world of dreams behind.

She just loved writing, and hence, she spent most of her time penning Harry potter in cafes once her daughter slept. And to make the ends meet, she got her apartment rented and moved to welfare.

And finally, after numerous rejections from Bloomsbury, a publishing house in London, gave “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” the green signal in 1997. She added the “K” to her pen name (for Kathleen, her paternal grandmother) at the publisher’s request since women’s names were found to be less likable to the target audience of young boys.

By the time the whole world seemed to have flocked to the book-stores for buying Harry Potter, her third and fourth edition had broken all the records. Her series of seven books has since sold more than 450 million copies which changed her life completely.

Later on, Warner Brother bought the film rights to the first two novels for $1.5 million. In 2011, Forbes estimated her total worth about $1 billion and that made her the most flourishing author of the world.

Did you know?

Rowling’s apartment was robbed where the thieves had stolen everything that her mother left behind. However, they didn’t take the shoe box where she had stored the written outline of Harry Potter.
Did you know?

Rowling said in an interview that she literally cried when killing off the characters she loved while writing the book four.

J K Rowling – God Favors the Braveheart