Did you know?

Kangana’s father slapped her once when she was 15 and she said, ‘If you slap me, I will slap you back!’

Did you know?

Anurag Basu saw Kangana having coffee in a café in Mumbai and offered her the lead role in Gangster

Kangana Ranaut

The ambitious Girl

Yes, she’s that stubborn Tanu of Tanu Weds Manu Returns, because Kangana Ranaut, the Miss Small Town doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind or following her heart. And this is not some lame approach to life that she has picked up of-late. Kangana was a ‘Rani’ of her own thoughts and her choices, even when she was little.

Unlike many other actresses to whom a dream-debut was served on a silver platter, Kangana unfortunately, did not have that luxury. She belonged to a middle-class family where her father was a businessman and a mother was a school teacher in some small town of Himachal Pradesh.

Being that ‘chutki’ of her family, she left her home at the tender age of 16 years because her decision to join the film industry was not taken very well by her family for obvious reasons. Her grandfather and father strongly opposed her decision, but Kangana made sure that she she’s not anchored by anything that fell in her path.

And so like any other ‘aaj kal ki josh bhari chokri’ she stayed with her friend in Delhi and eventually embarked onto an unbeatable journey in Bollywood. She has been mocked at for her ‘thet Pahadi’ accent and had been poked fun at for her orthodox background, yet she put them all to rest with her consistent stellar performances.

So she has had her share of gossips, the drama, the grape vines and all that tamasha, but she has managed to be a pure pataka through it all by firing them with her both off-screen and on-screen boldness.


Did you know?
When in relationship with Aditya Pancholi, he hit her hard by smashing her on the floor.

Did you know?
Kanagana took up science as her stream since she wanted to become a doctor but later got into films.

Kangana Ranaut : The Girl Who Always Followed Her Instincts