Meet CM Murlidhar: The Not-So-Common Man

You may have spotted those high-flying MPs or MLAs who vouch for being as common as the guy next door, but on the face of it, you know common is just another word for their opulent standard of living. But never you would have spotted a Chief Minister that gets elected luck by chance. Which is why he rightfully says, “Mazaak mazaak mein bahaut badi zimmedaari aa gayi hai hamare kandhe par”. A complete commoner, whose ideology revolves around the miseries of a common man.

He has clear intentions with best interests for the populace in heart and feels the jitters on his first day at the secretariat just as a kid feels on his first day of school. And then he’s accompanied by two very dedicated subordinates always present at his command. And trust me he comes across to be the non-bossiest superior in the world even after being at a position of authority. Murlidhar, the very down to earth person, is always ears to take suggestions and advice from both Damru and Vidhan that poses him as a man of honor.

He is punctual by the minute, ever keen and over-enthusiastic to eradicate all the problems that the general masses face, although without realizing the hefty formalities involved. Clearly, being a common man, he’s unaware of the intricacies involved in political concerns. Which is why he starts feeling jittery and frazzled whenever he even starts to think of solving a public issue or to work in the direction of reforming.

All in all, he’s one troubled person but with the heart of gold who is empathetic for the problems of the general masses, but as flawed our law and order is, he can’t help but getting his butt kicked from all sides. Kyunki Chief Minister aakhir Common Man hota hai !!

Meet CM Murlidhar: The Not-So-Common Man

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