Meet Damru: The Mr Know-It-All

Ever come across a peon in a chief minister’s office that knows everything from the scratch and is aware about the complete law and order system of the state? Enter Damru whose quick wits will kick up your heels especially when he says, “Maata Rani paap na lagaye” every now and then. He knows all the nitty and gritty of politics which is very evident from his statement, “Sarkaar ka kya hai, aap ko pata hi hoga, ya toh tikti hai ya bikti hai, ya phir kabhi nahi tikti”!

So he’s the official Narad Muni of the Chief Minister’s Devlok. Always waiting on the CM obediently and with pure dedication, he is ever ready to offer his able advice to him. Hence, whenever the honorable CM seems to be stuck with a really tricky situation, Damru with all due respect for his superiors.

Moreover, true to his diplomatic character, which is so inherent and so imperative in the political world, he maintains his diplomacy, which is so obvious in the line that he utters, “Main jhooth bolta nahin hun aur sach main kehta nahi”. And then he has a hands-on knowledge on corruption too. Sample this, “Ho sakta hai aap ko under the table kuch khilana pade aur yeh toh har tarah se corruption hai”.

So overall, it seems like that in spite of being just a peon, he seems to be a well-aware citizen saying, “Yahan toh zara zara se kaamon mein scandal ho jate hain”. He wants to work to the best interests of his CM sahib which is why he suggests him to let the garbage lie as it is since if he would try to clear it all, it would take a toll on his self-esteem and so he says, “Sir izzat naam ki bhi koi cheez hoti hai”.

All in all, Damru is the iconic and ideal peon that every official yearns to have in his office.

Meet Damru: The Mr Know-It-All