Meet Priyanka: The Cult Maid That Everybody Wants

Ever come across a maid that has a sense of humor so twisted, and lifestyle so modern, you start feeling a bit jealous, even if you know you are doing reasonably well in life? Meet Priyanka, our modern maid icon, in our Maid in India series, who’s gorgeous as the girl-next-door and has wits as quick that will kick up your heels. ad

She drives to work in style in a Tata Nano, uses the latest iPhone, and aptly manages all katka bartan of her memsahab’s home. And despite all this, she discreetly spares a respite for herself to take a cute selfie even. And yet she never fails to make you be in awe of her for the electrifying energy that she has around her be it any time of the day. Which is very evident in the all the episodes of the Maid in India series where after finishing all her daily chores, she is still all excited up to not only go on a vacation with her lafda, but is keen as ever to make her Memsahab Sandhya understand about the importance of taking a break as well.

A complete nine out of ten rating goes to the writer for carving out such a tongue-in-cheek kind of a concept around a character that is completely out-of-the-box. Here, he beautifully pulls it off the very astute yet much-ignored detail, especially in our Indian society that you don’t necessarily need to be some sort of talent-mogul to pull off the great success. You can still be someone who does a job that is as mundane as that of a maid and still flourish. That, you can still be happy, even if you are doing something professionally which is least influential; because happiness may be lying right in front of you and depends on you. It never depends on the circumstances or the people that surround you.

More importantly, Priyanka is that one cult character that tells us how being a little self-centered is not bad at all. Therefore, if you are concerned about your security being a woman since you know that a sexual predator can always pounce on you from nowhere, time and place are the last considerations to consider learning self-defence. That it’s okay to take a break and go somewhere to spend some quality time with your loved ones. That it’s perfectly fine to be yourself and you don’t need to put on a mask just because someone else does not approve of you being a free spirit.Really Priyanka, you are that Agony Aunty we have been so desperately seeking and now we know to tune into the Maid in India Series whenever we feel troubled. You are not just a ‘bai’ you are the next door ‘tai’ who has a solution to every problem.

Meet Priyanka: The Cult Maid That Everybody Wants

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