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Whenever MS Dhoni feels stressed at home he likes to play with his dogs.

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MS played in stadiums where noise level was like two aircraft engines.

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni: Captain Cool

Mahendra Singh Dhoni. A name where our Indian adage ‘Sirf naam hi kaafi hai’ fits in so aptly. It’s about a common guy, who had nothing common about his sheer courage and intelligent boldness. MS Dhoni has been a striking example of how to not to lose your cool even in the most heated of the situations and which is why he is rightly called the ‘captain cool’. But what is it that helps him to maintain a remarkable mental balance in such trying circumstances?

Here’s a list on how MS Dhoni keeps calm and deals with situations that demand immense patience.

Keeping It Simple:
Dhoni says he likes to maintain his composure by focusing on the job at hand. He feels that making efforts for short-term targets is important to make it in the long run. Hence, he says that you should always engage yourself in the moment because then you would not have any problem in the outcome.

Believing in the Process:
MS Dhoni is one of those standout cricketers who like to not think what would happen if they achieve or if they don’t. He says he’s a huge believer of the process and has complete confidence in his team which helps him to stay calm and composed during the entire match.

Motivating His Team Players:
Amidst all the rage and commotion that is inherent in the game of cricket, Dhoni realizes that even a small error can cost him and his teammates the entire match. In such circumstances, he keeps them encouraged and motivated so that they perform to the best of their competencies. He says motivating teammates not just in crisis but during day-to-day activities keeps the morale of the team players high and cuts onto the pressure.

All in all, Dhoni has been that one marvellous cricketer who is known for his grounded approach in life. His off-field demeanour is that of a humble one which makes him one of the most successful sportsperson up till now.

Did you know?

Dhoni has invented a super-effective helicopter shot in cricket.
boyDid you know?

Dhoni had the same family pressure to study that most of us have.

MS Dhoni – The Man Who Plays For the Country Not the Crowd