An Open Letter To One And All #RecountingNirbhayaRapeCase

Dear All,

Could not be more gratified for your outrage for the rape. This was quite imperative. The petitions you signed and the protests you conducted have been welcomed. Truly. I wish you all eternal success in all your ventures in the times to come and truthfully wish that the change that you are trying to bring in the so-called Independent India were soon begot, promptly and aptly.

Nonetheless, given that educating the adolescent kids, sex-education, judicial revamps, women empowerment and measures like barring them from wearing what they feel, will definitely take a couple of more decades to appear, nevertheless, there are a dozen better things to be done.

Such as applying for a license of gun for your female friends/girlfriend/wife. Tell them to shoot any eve-teaser/molester/possible rapist at view. Bear in mind, that this is a country where people will be convicted for murder, serve the life sentence, and will enjoy their liberty before it is sometime justice has been done to a rape victim. Tell them to aim a shot at the penis so even if the person has not been killed, both him and his masculinity goes through the worst turbulence possible. Tell them not to show any mercy to teenagers or old guys since rapists do not belong to the human species, not in the moment, they are absolutely not. Tell them to be all set for any kind of settling of scores, media-confrontation, and almost any kind of shit that stands to be inherent as a boxed-up arrangement. In case gun is something you can’t afford, get her a knife. Or buy her almost anything that hurts her reprobates more than they mar her.

All the Indian cities stand to be fucked up regardless of which corner of the map you are viewing at. So are the villages. A safe country is nothing short of an illusion. Remember ‘Lawful Rape’?

Educate your girl to fight back and learn yourself the same.

Teach your son to show dignity to women and respect them. Teach him till he gets the complete idea correctly. In case he does not, shoot him.

Befriend as many people you can. Remember it is easier to fight back when in a group than alone.

Be wary of the fact that the number of rapists is more than the cops and at times there is absolutely no difference between them.

Above all, be wary of the fact that every douchebag you put up with is now an addition to the masses that will put the entire blame on your girl for her turbulence. They are inconsiderate of the fact if she is a 5-year-old or a 55-year-old. It was and will be her fault for eternity. Or maybe the fault of the culture. Or the fault of the chowmein she just had. The best they can do is cancel the license of the bus driver or the registration of the bus. That sorts out everything for them. That or maybe the tag of ‘maoist’.


There is no Superman. You have to fight your own battles. You are just another figure to the statistic for the police or the Government. Nothing greater than this.

Go to the candle marches to observe silence for two minutes for the demise of Nirbhaya and all those girls who have gone through such inexplicable pain and torment. Burn some candles and burn those guys as well akin to the pattern in which they left her to die after the gang rape.

Sign as many petitions as you can since doing this stands to be a lot easier than signing those medical forms and doing this will give you the gratification of at least having your contribution in something that stands to be really meaningful.

Vote. Overthrow the governments. Remember the incident when two men cast bombs in the assembly? You have bombs but in a better form of votes. Replace the ministers, replace the government. Vote for the froth that functions for you instead the froth that ends up working for none. Act dirty, those hoodlums who tease your daughter, sister, wife.

Many thanks once again for the protests.

Keep them up.

An Open Letter To One And All #RecountingNirbhayaRapeCase