Priyanka Tells You about Effective Hacks to Help You Make Feel Less Sleepy This Winter

Aga Bai!! Jaise ki aap ko pata hai ki doosre ke mard ka dard, bardasht nahi hota mere se, trust me with all the stressful and crazy situations life casts at you, it feels much simpler to get your brains turned off and go to sleep. Particularly during winters. It is that time of the time when getting out of bed becomes the hardest thing to do. Toh aap ki help karne ke liye, mian layi hun most effective hacks to help you stay awake throughout the day while you are at office or at home.

Turn on the music:

Try listening to your favorite music when you are struggling to keep yourself up. It’s similar to taking a little mental break when things seem to be falling apart in your sleepy head.

Switch the tasks up:

That’s a better way of keeping your brain active. Say, for example, take a little break from working on your computer and recount your thoughts in a diary instead.

Get some sunlight:

Natural light has a long-lasting effect on since it makes you feel less moody and more energetic. And if at all you can’t get out into the sunlight, find some bright light indoors for a perfect energy boost.

Go Take A Walk and Get Some Fresh Air:

Aayi shapath, par it is one of the simplest tasks that you can do when you are at work. Unbelievable as it may seem, but taking a 5-minute walk will lend you with the much-needed boost in productivity during those stressful hours of work.

Follow A Concrete Morning Routine and Stay Fresh All Day Long:

Starting off your day with a really strong morning routine is an effective way to keep you going for the rest of the day. All you need to do is start your day early and include some light exercises in your schedule.

Priyanka Tells You about Effective Hacks to Help You Make Feel Less Sleepy This Winter